Cafe de Olla

Latin-Inspired Coffee Flavors
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Vanilla, Cinnamon, Dark Brown Sugar, Anise, and Clove.

Café de olla is a drink steeped in Mexican history. During the early days of the Mexican Revolution in 1910, soldaderas, or female soldiers, supported soldiers by cooking, cleaning and setting up camp. They prepared café de olla with cinnamon, piloncillo, cloves, coffee and chocolate roasted in a clay pot to serve as a filling drink that would help boost the soldiers’ energy throughout the day. To prepare café de olla, it is essential to use a traditional earthen clay pot as this gives a special flavor to the coffee. We take the preparation work out of the equation for you with our version of Café de olla.


All Café Latina beans are 100% Arabica coffee. Our beans are grown in Central and South America. South and Central American coffees are best if you are looking for clean coffees exhibiting delicate sweetness.

All flavors currently in rotation are medium roast with regular options available for each flavor. They are available in 12 oz. bags (340 g). Make sure to keep up with us on social media as we will be offering more flavors to our lineup!

Additional information

Weight 12.4 oz
Dimensions 8.5 × 3.5 × .1 in

Caffeinated, Decaffeinated


Whole Bean, Ground

2 reviews for Cafe de Olla

  1. Connie Montoya

    Just tried Cafe de Olla! Great flavor. Reminds me of that strong coffee brewed in an Olla. Tastes really good black. I highly recommend this flavor if you like strong coffee yet enjoy the flavors it has to offer. Its a Unique taste.

  2. MaryAnn Avelar-Flores

    OMG, This Coffee is wonderfully delicious! It has been a long time since I have tasted coffee this delicious! I wanted to drink it black so that I can taste the different flavors in the brew (I usually add cream). I was given a sample of Cafe de Olla and I fell in love with the taste. I looked for it, at grocery stores but it is not available. I’ll have to order online and pay the extra shipping.

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